Why should you write a blog ?

 Published On June 26, 2016

June 2016

Finally I decided to write the blog post. This post is the first ever blog post I am writing although I have been writing scripts and long texts(blog like) for my own use from a long time but never posted it for the readers because of the imperfectness of those posts.

If you are reading this post(read only if you are interested in the topic) since I always meant to serve the post full of food(knowledge) which would be useful for you in some way and so lets get straight away to the content of this post.

I remember an old time post which highly inspired me why should you write a blog post by Matt Might. The way he explained the reason to write was not less than awesome, this post is just an addon to it.

The key reason you should write a blog is To get more and more people benefited by the work you are doing.
I still remember a couple of times when I was working in my college and had very long fruitful discussions over email/mailing lists with the younger trainees, team mates ,my mentors, and more or less we often had conclusions which lead us to take a decision for the benefit of the organization. So just thought, why not to make those things public which the people from local environment can find it online ?.And the option was to archive those as documents or to write them as blog post.

Agreeing to the fact that internet is full of awesome posts by awesome people and at the same time useless posts by many people, often I found people who had more interest to read the one whom they know personally avoiding the barrier we call as localization.From my experience till now , I often found people inspiring more by the people they know closely than the people whom they read as an Idle. (Its not the case always , I said I found it often).I am myself the example of this pedagogy.

Summarizing what Matt said:

  • Lecture as post
  • “Reply to public” as post
  • Advice as post
  • Vented steam as post
  • Blog as code repository
  • Blog as long-term memory

And adding a few more to it, I decided to write a blog post (may be this is also , why you should ? ) for the upcoming juniors of my college:

  • To benefit the people by the work you have done.(philosophy driving open source )
  • To implement the DRY principle .(Remember to include quality posts)
  • To promote your ideas and the work you are doing.
  • To add up your experience as a road map for others.
  • For the people who would like to read you (since they know/follow you).
  • For those who find localization as more valuable asset for them, to learn the things.

Last but not the least

  • To express and boost yourself.
  • To inspire others to do the same.
  • To make the life of people easy(If you serve them what they wanted).

Interested to see the gist of post graphically . Head over to this post The illustrated guide to a Ph.D. and I hope you will relate it with this “why you should write a blog” post.

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