There is no substitute for hard work. - Edison

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@Superheroic (contract work)

  • Designing aws architecture for applications.
  • One click provisioning & configuration of test, staging, production environments.
  • One click deployments for all environments.
  • Autoscaling, Monitoring, alerting , backups, CI

@Zaya Learning Labs (Full time )

  • Lead performance and linux image optimisation for the classcloud(like reducing 70-80% of boot time).
  • Lead end to end release engineering for regular updates to classclouds(physical devices) in field.
  • Built monitoring/data collection services to visualise performance, usage analytics and deployments of devices in field.
  • Built and deployed projects for assembly line, thereby reducing classcloud build/preparation time to average 5 mins
  • from 2 hours.
  • Wrote a router alike admin interface for classcloud management.
  • Managing multi cloud infrastructure(AWS + AZURE).
  • Implementing CI/CD, Monitoring, alerting, backups.
  • Automation of routine tasks.
  • Setting up processes to reduce shipping time from 30 days to 1 day.
  • Making kids smile :)

@Tinyowl (Full time )

  • Taking care of developer environment setup using scripts and docker
  • Implementing monitoring solutions and on call rotation
  • Automation of day to day tasks, deployments and managment of AWS infrastrcuture and services.

Some old small hacks rails-zipper, udacity-webapp (incomplete yet ) .

Packages I have built :

Following is the list of projects in which I was among the key contributors.

  • IIPS-DAVV Website : The mobile responsive website of the institute from which I did my masters, using LAMP stack,PHP, mysql, Ajax,twitter bootstrap, knockout.js. I am no longer maintaining it .

    My Role: developer(frontend+backend), system designer, team-leader

  • Eventus : A GCDC 2013 project, a temporary social network built for events which was made to ease the communication between the people during the event using Python(flask), Nosql(Google datastore) ,GAE, AJAX, Knockoutjs, twitter bootstrap. I am no longer maintaning it .

    My Role: developer(frontend+backend), system designer

  • CKMG institute : A commercial project built for a management institute in Indore, India using php,mysql,Redbean,AJAX,twitter bootstrap. I am no longer maintaining this

    My Role: *developer(backend), database design

Here is an incomplete list of other contributions :