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  • Currently working as Devops Eng @Zaya Learning labs Mumbai (MH) , India . Responsible for the cloud infrastructure and classcloud product(infrastructure, configurations, automation, security, distributed deployments, performance enhancements and optimizations, monitoring ) .I am using Ansible for most of stuff. Classcloud is a small device (almost like a router ) over which children can connect via thin clients and take benefit of blended e-learning. More information about product at Website( . The added benefit I earn here is the smile on the faces of kids (education matters a lot )

  • ​DevOps Eng @Tinyowl, Mumbai (MH) , India (acquired by runnr now) ​from Jan 2015­-Sep 2015 . I was responsible for managing AWS cloud infrastructure , automation/scripting of day to day tasks, installations & configuration of prod/test env(ROR,redis,postgres,mongo,elk,jenkins), automation for developer environment. I was using Chef(opscode) to automate our infrastructure and senu for monitoring. Also got a chance to explore [docker] and a lot more .

  • System Administrator, developer, team leader of inhouse projects at [Development Center - IIPS from November 2013- December 2015 .

List of online courses completed

Courses Duration Percent Certificate
Web Application Architectures
(Coursera offered via Stanford )
April-May 2014 80 % PDF
Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code
( Coursera offered via Univ. of Toronto )
March- April 2013 95% PDF
Learn to Program: The Fundamentals
(Coursera offered via Univ. of Toronto )
Sept - Nov 2012 85.5% PDF
Machine Learning
(Coursera offered via Stanford )
April - July 2012 80.4% PDF