Ankit Kulkarni

” I code becuase I love to, not because I have to “

Hi I am Ankit Kulkarni .

I am a Devops Engineer (who inherently loves automation and linux), loves open source and above all I strongly believe in the philosophy - “get your code shipped “ ( more at coding horror ) .

I enjoy reading books, scripting/building simple tools for solving some real simple problems .

I am currently living at Banglore, India and working in Flock(Directi). Before Flock, I was freelancing for 1-2 months and before that I was working at Zaya Learning Labs. I completed my post-grad(M.C.A) from IIPS-DAVV, Indore, India. Before zaya I worked at TinyOwl(where I started my career) as a DevOps Engineer.

I love to explore new technologies, tools, reading books/blogs(mostly about startups and tech ), trying out small and simple hacks. Now a days I am spending most of my time working on building a reliable,efficient and scalable mailing infrastructure @Flock. I spend most of my time at my workplace doing some pesky stuff(with python and bash mostly) or some R&D or refactoring my own code. I also love to help/mentor people. When not playing with systems I can be found reading or near my bed(sleeping :p) .

What I don’t like is to mess/code with frontend (HTML/CSS/JS —eww so scary, still I end up messing with it everytime )

I have been a great fan of blogging but honestly too lazy to maintain my own blog . I hope I could make it active sooner on medium @ankit.kulkarni . I am also soon planning to share my reading list of curated articles(now can be found here - and books @goodread.

PS: BTW here’s a an interesting take away since you landed here - BOFH reading list ( if you are into love with systems you will enjoy reading it)

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